Acil Durumlar

Acil Durumlar


Suggestions for what to do in the Aftermath of Tooth Extractions

After Tooth ExtractionDo not remove the tampon placed in the area where the extraction operation has been conducted for 30 minutes after the teeth have been extracted. Keep the tampon in your mouth while continually biting it.

Do not consume any solid food items before the effects of anesthesia wear out after your teeth have been extracted or operated on (approximately 2-3 hours). You may consume liquid food items after you remove the tampon.  

Do not rinse your mouth or gargle on the day of your operation and refrain from spitting. 

You can gently brush your teeth and the area that has been operated on.  

Minor swelling may occur following tooth extractions. A relatively more significant amount of swelling may occur after surgical operations. In order to keep the swelling to a minimum, we recommend that you apply cold compress to the area effected, from the exterior in ten minute intervals for the first day. 

Moderate bleeding to occur is normal when the effects of the anesthesia are wearing out. Your bleeding will continue as long as you keep spitting. Please do not rinse your mouth or spit. If the area continues to bleed, place a sterile tampon over the area and bite for 20 minutes. Oozing of blood from the operated area is normal for the first 24 hours. If bleeding persists and continues intensely, you may call us from our cell phones.  
Short or long-term numbness may occur in the space left after your teeth have been extracted and your jawbones.  
You must not smoke for at least two days after your teeth have been extracted.  

You may experience difficulties opening you mouth after extractions. 

On rare occasions, the part of the face where the operation has been conducted may change color (yellow-green). This will return to normal by itself within two weeks.  

Use you medication regularly, in 12 hour intervals, on a full stomach. Use your antibiotics until you have finished the whole box. Use pain killers for 4 days even if you do not experience any pain. If you experience any discomfort linked to the use of medication, do not hesitate to contact us. Never take aspirin after tooth extractions.