Konservatif Diş Tedavileri

Konservatif Diş Tedavileri


Amalgam Dolgu

Amalgam FillingAmalgam fillings are also referred to as silver fillings. Amalgam is obtained through the mixture of silver, tin and copper alloy with mercury. 

Mercury, which constitutes about 45-50% of the composition, bonds the metals together to create a resilient filling material. Amalgam fillings have been continually developed and used for 150 years and have served to protect numerous teeth allowing them to remain in patients' mouths.  

This compound that has been used extensively in the past for the treatment of cavities is slowly giving way to other forms of treatment due to rising aesthetic concerns.

Advantages of Amalgam Fillings;
They are more cost-effective than other fillings.
Their application is easier compared to other fillings.
They are resistant to chewing forces. 
They prevent the creation of cavities underneath the fillings considerably.  
Disadvantages of Amalgam Fillings;
They are not aesthetic.
Due to the fact that they are held onto teeth mechanically, a certain shape of cavity must be formed on the teeth to be filled. As a result, a considerable amount of healthy tooth tissue must also be removed along with the decayed part of the teeth.  
When they need to be removed, the mercury vapor that is released is far greater than the amount released if they stayed in the mouth for a lifetime.