Acil Durumlar

Acil Durumlar


Chipped Teeth

Chipped TeethIf possible, the part of the teeth that is chipped out should be found and  preserved in the hope that it might be useful for the treatment of the effected teeth.

Patients should make an effort to visit their dentist within thirty minutes.

Meanwhile, if there is any bleeding in the surrounding area, pressure should be applied to the wounds using a clean gauze bandage. Patients should consult their nearest health clinic if the bleeding does not stop in 15 minutes although pressure is being applied. 

Teeth are chipped as a result of moving around or being dislocated in the mouth accompanied by wounded oral tissue and concussions usually due to impact received when engaged in contact sports such as football, etc., as a result of falling down or traffic accidents. The best way of preventing oral wounds and chipped teeth, especially in children engaged in contact sports is to make them wear mouth guards. 

If teeth are relocated in their cavities as a result of impact, patients should try to relocate the teeth to their original position with gentle pressure applied using their fingers.  

Teeth should never be forced back into their place.  

Patients should make every effort to visit their dentist within thirty minutes.