Diş Eti Tedavileri (Periodontoji)

Diş Eti Tedavileri (Periodontoji)


Other Factors That Cause Gum Disease?

Diş Eti Hastalığının Diğer Sebepleri?Although the main cause of periodontal disease is bacteria plaque, other factors may also adversely effect the health of your gums.  

Your diet and smoking habits both effect your oral health. A diet with low nutritional value decreases the body's resistance against disease. Furthermore, stress can also hinder the body's ability to fight against disease. Smokers irritate their gums at a higher rate compared to non-smokers.   

Diseases that effect the immune system such as leukemia and AIDS can also worsen the state of the gums. Gum diseases experienced by people who are more prone to infections due to diseases such as diabetes that cannot be brought under control tend to be much more severe and harder to control than gum diseases experienced by healthy people.  

Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy cause the gums to redden and become more susceptible to bacteria plaque. An existing gum disease that is at a very early stage can become much more severe especially during the term of pregnancy.  

Birth control pills, antidepressants and some heart medication can also adversely effect oral health. (See, Women's Oral and Dental Health).