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Acil Durumlar


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Dislocated TeethThe teeth that are dislocated should be found. 

After finding the teeth, you must pick the teeth up by taking care to only touch the crown. You should not inflict more damage to the tissues surrounding the roots by picking the teeth up the roots. If the tissues around the root area are damaged extensively, it will not be possible for the teeth to fasten to their original cavity. Teeth held by their crowns should be cleaned under running water to remove any foreign substances.

Teeth should never be rubbed or brushed during the surface cleaning process. 

First of all, patients should make an effort to place their dislocated teeth back in their original cavity.

Excessive force should not be applied when trying to place the teeth back in their position. Otherwise, serious damage can occur in the teeth and the cavity where the teeth used to remain. 
If the teeth can be placed back into their cavities, a clean gauze bandage should be placed over them and bitten in order to keep the teeth in place. 

Patients should visit their dentists in the manner specified above in the shortest amount of time possible. 

If the teeth cannot be placed back into their cavities, they should be placed in a glass of milk or water until it is taken to the dentist.

In order for the dislocated teeth to be recovered, the dental tissue surrounding the teeth must not be excessively damaged and patients must visit their dentists as soon as possible.

If teeth are preserved in suitable conditions and patients reach their dentists within 30 minutes, the chances of recovery of dislocated teeth (reimplantation) is 90%.