Çene Cerrahisi

Çene Cerrahisi



Gömülü 20 Yaş DişleriWisdom teeth are the most problematic teeth in the mouth. In cases where there isn't sufficient space in on the jawbones to accommodate wisdom teeth, the wisdom teeth either remain buried, cause the swelling of the surface where they are supposed to erupt, cause swelling of the face, cause the locking of the jawbone (trismus) or severe pain. Thus, it is advised that wisdom teeth should definitely be examined and if necessary extracted.   

Operations conducted are tolerated more easily by younger patients and the healing process is generally quicker.  

CAVITIES : Cavities may form on the wisdom teeth or teeth adjacent to the wisdom teeth due to their positioning. 

GUM INFECTIONS : In cases where wisdom teeth cannot fully erupt, remains of food and bacteria can sometimes infiltrate under the gums surrounding the wisdom teeth and cause the gums to get infected. As a result, unpleasant odors, pain, facial swelling and narrowing of the oral cavity may occur. The infection may spread to the cheeks and neck through the lymphatic system. 

PRESSURE PAIN : Pain may be experienced as a result of the pressure put on the adjacent teeth of the wisdom teeth that are trying to erupt. In some cases, this pressure leads to the abrasion of the teeth.

ORTHODONTICS : Lots of young patients are receiving orthodontic treatments in order to correct irregularities in the positioning of their teeth. Wisdom teeth cause crowding of the front teeth to increase when they erupt due to a lack of space to accommodate all teeth. 

PROSTHETICS : If the wisdom teeth or canine teeth of patients using total prosthesis are left buried or overlooked and they later start to erupt, they may cause the prosthesis to become incompatible with the jawbones, can cause localized irritation and eliminate the ability to use the prosthesis in question. Thus, it is of utmost importance that panoramic x-ray examination should be conducted on patients who will be using total prosthesis. 

FORMATION OF CYSTS : Cysts may form in the soft tissue surrounding buried or semi-buried wisdom teeth. The removal of these cysts and the wisdom teeth is of utmost importance in preventing potential damage brought to the jawbones or adjacent teeth. Although it is very rare, sometimes a tumor may develop within the cysts or visible fractions may form on the jawbone due to the extreme enlargement of the cysts. 

BAD BREATH : The pockets formed in the gum line around the wisdom teeth are one of the main reasons causing bad breath.