Çene Cerrahisi

Çene Cerrahisi


Cyst Operations

Cysts are pathologic chambers that are surrounded with a membrane that expands from the center outwards. The pressure created as a result of the enlargement of the cysts can damage the roots of the adjacent teeth and sometimes even cause their loss.

They can also form when infected tissue is left behind in the jawbones following the extraction of teeth with infected roots.  

Cyst OperationsCysts can occur due to both cellular wastes that settle in the tissues during the embryologic development stage and can also occur in the area around the root apex as a result of an infection that occurs in the root canal.   

All the necessary radiological examinations must be conducted prior to the operation and the patient must be provided all necessary information regarding the procedure and possible losses. It is beneficial to routinely utilize advanced imaging technologies in these types of operation.

The most important factor to be taken into consideration during the extraction of cysts is that cysts must be removed with the surrounding membrane. The roots of the adjacent teeth that aren't in contact with the cyst lesion must be protected and the teeth that remain within the cyst should be kept in the mouth through the application of the apicoectomy method.  

Cyst treatments should not cause functional and aesthetic problems. Thus, large cyst cavities should be treated with suitable bone graft and membranes.