Pulling Teeth for Orthodontic Treatments.

Orthodontic Tooth ExtractionBefore we begin orthodontic treatments, there must be enough space on the patients' jaw bones to accommodate the width of the patients' teeth when they are arranged in a proper array. In some cases where there isn't sufficient space on the jawbones to accommodate all of the patients' teeth, it may be necessary to pull some of the teeth to make room for the proper arrangement of the remaining teeth. 

Although this may seem undesirable at first, it is necessary for treatment. These teeth are pulled put so the other teeth can be positioned in a proper array and all other teeth on the jawbone are positioned on the jawbone in an orderly fashion by sliding them to the cavities left after such teeth have been pulled out.  

Teeth are pulled symmetrically. Teeth from both the lower and the upper jawbone are generally pulled together. If teeth are pulled from both sides of the upper jawbone, it may be necessary to pull teeth from the lower jawbone as well. In such a case, this will mean that you will be losing a total of four teeth. Due to the fact that your teeth will be arranged in the ideal manner upon completion of the treatment, there won't be any gaps left between your teeth.

There are two purposes for pulling teeth in orthodontic treatments;
To gain space on the curve of the jawbones where the teeth are positioned, 
To bring the skeletal structure to normal values.