Supportive Orthodontics

Supportive OrthodonticsSupportive orthodontic treatments are treatments that are implemented before prosthetic and gum treatments ate conducted in order for these treatments to yield more successful and longer lasting results. 

It can be thought of as a regional treatment, instead of the treatment of the irregularities of the whole mouth. These treatments are usually made for the purpose of repositioning teeth that have moved towards the cavities that have been formed as a result of pulled teeth and for correcting the angles in which they are positioned. As a result, the treatments make it possible for the application of implant treatments in the space of the teeth that have been removed.  

In some cases, it makes it hard for patients to properly clean various areas of their oral cavity due to localized areas of crooked positioned teeth which in turn leads to gum diseases. In such cases, implementation of periodontal treatments can be improved with the support of orthodontic treatments.