The Importance of Primary Teeth

Süt Dişlerinin ÖnemiThe fundamental task of primary teeth is to enable the sufficient nourishment of children. Regular development of speech is also dependent on the existence and state of health of the primary teeth.

Primary teeth protect the area of the jawbone in which they remain for the permanent teeth that will later replace them and they also guide the permanent teeth as they erupt.

In the event that a primary tooth is pulled prematurely, this natural place holding functionality is lost.

Should cavities on primary teeth be treated? 

Primary tooth cavities that are not treated may cause toothaches, foul odors, difficulty in chewing, malnutrition and an unpleasant appearance.

Dental problems that are not treated in childhood may cause crooked formation of permanent teeth, irregularities in the development of the jaw bone and general health problems (from rheumatism to heart disease) later on in life.

To sum up, cavities in primary teeth should not be ignored with the delusion that "they should be left alone because new,  permanent teeth will replace them anyways" and should be treated in the appropriate manner.

Cavities in primary teeth may cause children to be subjected to pain at a very early stage in life and result in the children to develop various phobias later on in their adult lives. Furthermore, these cavities may result in the very early loss of the effected primary teeth.