Çocuklar da Diş Tedavileri (Pedodonti)

Dental Treatments for Children PEDODONTICS

Çocuklar da Diş Tedavileri PEDODONTIPedodontics is a discipline of dentistry that specializes on the dental treatment of children. Pedodontics focuses on the treatment of tooth and gum disease occurring in children and the implementation of protective dentistry applications.

Pedodontic Treatments

Primary teeth contain more organic matter compared to normal teeth. As a result, they are more prone to decaying and they decay more easily and rapidly than normal teeth. Children are usually not a...

Why is Pedodontics Important?

In children, teeth damaged as a result of accidents or trauma must be intervened immediately. Establishing the correct diagnosis is of utmost importance. To establish the right diagnosis, your dentist...