Çene Cerrahisi

Maxillofacial Surgery

Çene CerrahisiSurgery in dentistry focuses on all tooth extractions involving the jawbones and teeth, surgical operations (cysts, tumoral organisms, etc.) and tissue (bone and soft tissue) reduction or addition and dental implants.
Currently, tooth extraction has been substantially reduced, for the exception of the extraction of wisdom teeth.  



Wisdom teeth are the most problematic teeth in the mouth. In cases where there isn't sufficient space in on the jawbones to accommodate wisdom teeth, the wisdom teeth either remain buried, cause t...

Cyst Operations

Cysts are pathologic chambers that are surrounded with a membrane that expands from the center outwards. The pressure created as a result of the enlargement of the cysts can damage the roots of the ad...

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder and its Symptoms

Headaches Ringing Ears (tinnitus) Creakiness when opening and closing your jaws, clicking, grinding noise  Limited opening or closing ability of your jawbones Neck pain or firmness in the nec...