Protetik Diş Tedavileri (Prostodonti)


Prosthetic Dentistry PROSTHODONTICSProsthesis are inorganic materials or instruments that are produced to replicate the function of an organ that has been rendered useless or has been completely annihilated due to damage.

The loss of any or all of the teeth on the lower or upper jaw of patients results in a loss of functionality, phonation (speaking voice) and aesthetics. The grinding functionality decreases even with the loss of a single tooth and the stomach and other teeth are put under more stress.

Again, in conjunction with the loss of teeth, bone loss or 'alveolar atrophy' spontaneously occurs in the part of the jaw bone called alveolus where the roots of teeth are embedded due to their lack of functioning. Speech impediments may occur especially in instances where the front teeth are lost.

Tooth loss and/or defects may result in an aesthetically unpleasant appearance. An image of a person who does not care or pay attention to their health may form in the public eye. This in turn may cause various psychological traumas in people such as losing their self-confidence and refraining from smiling.

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